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Active Obstacle

Event Details

Monday 26th of February 2024
12:30 pm - 4 pm

Sun Yat Sen Place


Join our Active Obstacle Challenge and compete alongside your friends, colleagues, hallmates or classmates to compete against other teams.

Know the Rules

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What is the Active Obstacle Challenge? 

It is a three-person team physical activity and skill challenge that you and your friends, colleagues, classmates, are tasked with completing a series of 6 physical activity challenges as fast as possible.

This challenge is designed to push your team, challenging not only your physical strength, but your agility, balance, skill and mental toughness too. Whether you are an athlete, simply enjoy going to the gym or training at home, it will help your performance and all-round health.

The Active Obstacle Challenge!

Complete these 6 challenges as fast as possible

Assault Bike 1
30 kcal in total
(10 kcal each)


Box Jumps
60x in total
(5x each, then rotate)


Rope Walking

12x in total

(1x each, then rotate)


MedBall Slams
60x in total
(5x each, then rotate)


Assault Bike 2

30 kcal in total

(10 kcal each)



3x in total

(1x each)

Happy Soccer Players

Win great prizes with the fastest record

To award our participants for joining the challenge a FREE gift will be prepared for all those that join!

Furthermore, the teams that complete the challenges in the shortest amount of time with the most accuracy, wins the game. Prizes will be awarded to 3 different categories.

Categories include:

  • Best Team (Open)

  • Best Team (Faculty/Department)

  • Best Team (HKU Hall/College)

Earn Stamps for Free Gifts and Snacks

Collect stamps by joining the Challenge

By joining our Active Obstacle Challenge, you can collect stamps and earn free gifts and snacks. With each stamp you receive, you'll be one step closer to redeeming gifts and snacks that we have prepared for you.


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, engage, and collect rewards. Come join us at the Staff-Student Sports & Wellness Gala and start collecting stamps today!

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